Purpose and Profit can be a part of your private practice.

As an immigration attorney, I am immensely satisfied by the work that I do. It is rewarding, mentally stimulating, and certainly challenging.

One of the biggest challenges I have in my day to day practice has been to locate trained and available professionals like you – therapists, psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, social workers, behavioral analysts – in several corners of the USA, so that I could, utilizing their forensic evaluations, change my clients’ lives by pursuing some kind of legal relief.

I realized I was not alone in this challenge. Night after night, I read, on professional listservs and online attorney groups, how hard it was for immigration attorneys to have access to knowledgeable professionals who could get the job done.

After much research, I realized that much if not all of the materials and publications available to private practitioners had been written by other practitioners, and not by lawyers. And it dawned on me that if I shared what I learned in my years of practice representing immigrants from all walks of life with practitioners like YOU, we would expand this amazing squad of committed and skilled professionals ready to make American Dreams a reality, one psychological evaluation and immigration case at a time.

I invite you on this journey of bring purpose to your practice, seeing families’ lives changed because of your work, increasing revenue to your private practice, and leading you on a learning journey that will, unquestionably, help you also live your American Dream.

The time to start is NOW!

Renata Castro, Esq.